Wilson Bela Pro V2

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Introducing the latest Bela Pro V2, a new generation of performance paddles designed for players who strive for excellence. 

Co-created by the legendary Fernando Belasteguin, this paddle is his go-to choice for training and competitions. The Bela Pro offers a firm grip for superior control, a premium carbon construction for raw power, and a textured surface for increased spin. The story of Belasteguin’s perseverance through injury and adversity serves as inspiration for unlocking your own potential. 

The paddle also comes with a unique wrist cord, featuring the phrase “A Belasteguin Never Gives Up” written in his daughter’s handwriting, serving as a reminder of his determination and motivation. Achieve your goals with the Bela Pro.

This year’s version comes in a vibrant color red and slightly softer touch with more maneuverability than last years iteration.


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