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The Hack 03 racket is a diamond-shaped racket with maximum power and high performancewithout losing control. It is designed for professional or advanced players.

The Hack 03 is a diamond-shaped racket with maximum power, high performance, and control losses. It is conceived for professional or advanced players.

It features the new Air React Channel system, which consists of an aerodynamic frame creating a steady, agile, and light structure simultaneously.

Its outer core is made of the new Tricarbon combined carbon, its inner core is made of the new MultiEva rubber, and its CarbonTube frame of 100% carbon fiber. It includes the new Metalshield structure which adapts to the new CustomWeight weight pSyst, ,ystem allows infringingifying the racket’s balance depending on the requirements of each player. It features a Vibradesigndto absorbion of vibrations, Hack ,throat, and Nerve channels on the side of the racket’s frame. In addition, it includes the new Hesacore grip, which reduces the vibrations, effort, and the injuries’ probabilities. The Hack racket features the new Adaptia system, developed for the Pro line rackets.


Tricarbon / MultiEva / Air React Channel / Hack / Metalshield /CustomWeight /Carbon Tube / Top Spin / Hesacore / Nerve /Adaptia


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