SIUX Electra ST2

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The SIUX Electra ST2 is a state-of-the-art padel racket used by Franco Stupaczuk, a top-ranked player in the padel sport. 

This new Siux model features 15K carbon on both faces, giving it a much softer touch than the previous version, as well as a 100% carbon tubular structure, making it a favourite among padel players for its toughness and durability.

A medium balance, comfortable and highly manoeuvrable racket, the Siux Electra ST2 delivers good control in defence, while its hardness allows it to strike the ball with great power. Meanwhile, its hybrid form combined with medium soft EVA foam allows for a range of playing styles.  Siux Electra ST2 boasts Shockout® anti-vibration technology in black and a Dual Pro Grip for a more secure and comfortable feel in your hand throughout the match, lending the racket a high-energy, vibrant character unlike any other on the market.


Racket Face: Carbon 15K
Shape: Teardrop
Weight: 355-375 grams
Core: Black EVA Soft
Playstyle: Balanced / Hybrid


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